Swisher Mowers Stand the Test of Time

Swisher has been producing rugged, reliable garden and lawn power equipment since 1945. They sell lawn mowers, ATVs, UTVs as well as power tools like trimmers and log splitters. Based in Warrensburg, Missouri, Swisher knows its customers well and delivers what they need – tools and power equipment that will stand the test of time and deliver in rain, sleet or snow.

Swisher mowers are a little different than your everyday mowers from the local hardware store. They’re built by Swisher, which is family operated and has been making high quality lawn mowers for over 60 years now.

Like any solid mower company, they offer different types of mowers depending on your situation. Trying to blaze a trail through the grass or brush? Then Swisher has you covered. Or maybe you’re just trying to mow the huge lawn of grass in your backyard. There’s a Swisher mower for that too- several types in fact!

For example, of the more popular mowers these days are riding lawnmowers. They’re fast, efficient, and let you mow the lawn without doing much work at all. All you have to do is drive it around- pretty fun, right? Plus Swisher has developed new types of mowers that have almost zero turn radius. This enables them to easily maneuver around a tree, bushes, corner, or any other kind of obstacle in your lawn. If you’ve ever had to mow a yard that has a lot of trees, you know how useful this can be!

In fact, that is probably Swisher’s flagship mower. They have done a tremendous job at perfecting the zero turn radius technology, while other companies struggle to keep up. Currently they have 7 different riding mowers that use this technology, letting you sit in style and laugh at the neighbors gawk as you cruise around and finish your yard in no time.

Swishers mowers also include several different sizes of trail mowers in their lineup. They have 3 different models of this, and they’re perfect if you have a large field or yard to maintain. The mower itself hooks onto your tractor or lawn utility vehicle and is pulled, clearing wide amounts of grass in a single sweep. Whether you need just 40” wide mower, 60”, or 66”, Swisher’s got you covered!

For smaller areas, did you know that they make trimmer/mowers that do 2 things at once! It’s the coolest new thing, and Swisher has several mowers with this capability. By combining the trimmer with a push power, it cuts back on having to trim first then mow later (or vise versa). Instead you can just get it all done at once, giving you more precious time on the weekends to relax! Right now Swisher offers 3 different mowers with these capabilities, each more suitable for certain situations than the others, but all great mowers.

Worried about your mowers breaking? Don’t be- Swisher mowers are among the sturdiest and most reliable in the world. However, in the case that you do need new parts, you can order them online directly from the Swisher website. You just choose your model and it will help guide you to the part that you’re looking for. Also if you’re having trouble, just contact their customer support and they can assist you.

So no matter what kind of mower you need, you might want to check out Swisher. Swisher mowers are high quality and very affordable, so give ‘em a shot.

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Swisher Predator Brush Cutter – This Thing Cuts the Competition into Bits!

If you do a lot of yard work, you realize the important of a gas powered mower like the Swisher Predator WB11524 brush cutter. You want a machine that can cut through brush like a hot knife through butter, without slowing down just because you hit a thick or tall patch.

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You also probably want something self-propelled, as we all know that pushing a mower manually through brush is a huge pain. At first it seems like a good idea to get a better workout, but as you get tired you appreciate that the thing can move on it’s own and just pull you along!

The problem a lot of guys face is trying to decide which type of brush cutter to get. There are a lot of great products out there, and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide the very best one for your specific situation. For example you may need it for personal use on your property or for a landscaping business. You probably know what your property would require, but a landscaping business needs a flexible brush cutter like the Swisher WB11524.

So how do you figure out which one to get? Your best bet is to go online and look at some reviews of these products. There are a bunch of review websites out there that compare different types of cutters, so you just look at what they all had to say and select the best one for your situation.

Here are a few reviews from Amazon.com:

“Free shipping, good price, great motor, does mow down the brush as advertised but poor wiring to the safety switch”- David, WA

“This thing is a great value at about half the DR chipper brand price!” –Keith, TX

“Does what it is supposed to, starts easy, and is fairly easy to maneuver. Handle grips are not very good.” – Brent, WI

“This beast does the job but is very hard to start an maneuver” –WA

“Excellent results with my Swisher Predator mower” –Charles, MI

This Swisher model is 24 inches, gas powered, and has 4 different speeds as well as reverse. In thick brush, the slower speeds tend to work better in most cutters. The blade cuts underbrush to be about 1.5 inches tall, and the motor itself is 11.5 horse power. Like most brush cutters, this one uses a single, fixed hardened steel blade.

Several customers also commented that it is very easy to assemble. Some brush cutters can take a while to put together, but this one is supposedly simple and straight forward.

There were 2 bad things that several customers commented on. The first was that it can be hard to maneuver (because it’s so heavy). Several customers also said the sometimes the cutter was difficult to start, even for an adult man.

In conclusion, if you need a new cutter, consider the Swisher WB11524 Brush Cutter for either personal or business use.

I recommend buying through Amazon (link below). They have the best prices online and will deliver anywhere.

Click Here to Buy Swisher Predator Brush Cutter

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Swisher LS12534H Log Splitter- 3 Reasons Why Nothing Else Compares

Last winter my old log splitter died, so when I started looking online I found out about the Swisher LS12534 log splitter. I knew from experience that Swisher makes great products, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Swisher Log Splitter

Buy Swisher 34-Ton 12.5 HP Log Splitter on Amazon

All I can say is WOW. This was exactly what I’d been looking for! I admit that this thing isn’t perfect (it can’t make me pancakes on Saturday), but it works much better than any other log splitter I’ve used. The cuts are clean, it does the job fast, and before you know it you’re back inside sitting in front of the fire with your dog, with tons of firewood stacked up.

Turns out that the Swisher LS12524H log splitter is one of the most popular splitters on the market right now. Because it’s made by Swisher, you know it’s high quality, reliable, and durable. Selling at a price of just over $2k, it’s a bargain and is guaranteed to save hour hours of headache and thousands of dollars in labor costs.

How can just a log splitter do all of that for you? Well consider the alternatives. A guy chopping wood by hand can probably split 2-3 logs a minute if he’s going fast, right? He has to pick up the log, place it on the stump, pick up the axe again, swing it up, then swing it back down. Using a good log splitter reduces the number of motions he has to do in half! He just picks up the log, places it, and activates the log splitter.

While it’s true that any old log splitter can do this, the Swisher LS12534H stands apart for several reasons. At 12.5 horsepower and 34 tons, this log splitter is a perfect size for either personal or business use. It is small enough that it can be moved if necessary, but large enough to get the job done no matter how stubborn the log is.

Another very nice feature of this splitter is the 16 gallon-per-minute pump. Much better than the standard in log splitters this allows it to cut more quickly, minimizing your total cycle time and total time splitting logs. It achieves this fast cycle time by using a 2 stage pump that ensures you have a clean, fast split.

With all of these benefits, there is one thing really makes the Swisher LS12534H log split stand apart from the rest. What is it? The clutch technology exclusive to Swisher that ensures the splitter starts in cold weather! There’s nothing worse than having to chop wood in the winter time and not be able to start your splitter. If you have this beauty, you don’t need to worry. You’ll be able to start it up very easily and get everything done in no time.

The only thing I didn’t like about this machine is that it didn’t come with the battery or fluid, and you may need some help to set up the ram to the trailer. Once you’ve done that though, you’re all set.

So what I’m trying to say here is this – if you need a good splitter, keep this one in mind. The Swisher LS12534H is a great piece of machinery, and I recommend it to anyone.

I recommend buying through Amazon (link below). They have the best prices online and will deliver anywhere.

Buy Swisher 34-Ton 12.5 HP Log Splitter with Electric Start

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Swisher Universal Dump Bucket – Saving Backs for Decades!

I found out about the Swisher universal dump bucket after a particularly tough day in the yard a few weeks ago. I was fed up with my old wheelbarrow, and wanted to try something different to save my back. I have a Honda Rancher that I wanted to hook it up to, which wasn’t too difficult. It only took me a few minutes to put together and mount on the machine, so I was definitely happy about the good start.

Buy Swisher Universal Dump Bucket With Out Scarifier Teeth 15714

I then put this thing to use on all the snow in my driveway (it’s pretty long so shoveling is a pain). All I could say was “WOW, I can’t believe I didn’t get one of these sooner!” I was done in no time, without working up a sweat which we all know is a pain in the cold. In fact, I had so much fun that I didn’t want to stop. I called up my neighbor who still had to work on his driveway, and he said to come on over.

Needless to say, he was also pretty impressed with my Swisher dump bucket! He saw how fast I was able to take care of all the snow on his driveway, and looked a bit jealous but thankful at the same time. I ended it there- I was ready to get back inside (although I was still having fun cruising around and shoveling snow faster than 3 or 4 kids with shovels could!)

As I started looking around more online, it turns out that I’m not the only one who has enjoyed their Swisher universal dump bucket. There are a lot of great reviews online of guys who have talked about how much of a lifesaver this is. Some guys who have had it a while said they use it for all kinds of things- clearing out an open area on their property, moving sand or dirt from one part of the yard to another, dumping fallen tree limbs from the yard into the forest, etc.

I haven’t gotten to try all those different things yet since I got this in the winter, but I’m definitely looking forward to using it this upcoming summer and fall. I’m guessing my son will be glad to have it too, since he’s finally getting old enough to help around the house with lawn care and maintenance.

Still, I’m already glad that I picked up this dump bucket. It’s already done wonders for saving my back, and I don’t see how I could ever possibly go back to using just a shovel and wheelbarrow. Even though they work for very small projects, I’m just gonna be lazy and stick with my trusty old dump bucket.

So if you’re tired of doing a bunch of shoveling and wheeling around heavy dirt, limbs, or snow, you may want to get yourself a good dump bucket. I’ve had the most luck with this Swisher universal dump bucket, so that’s one I can definitely recommend.

We recommend buying through Amazon (link below). They have the best prices online and will deliver anywhere.

Buy Swisher Universal Dump Bucket With Out Scarifier Teeth 15714

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Swisher RTB12544 Trailcutter Review- Is the Swisher Trailcutter Really Worth It?

During hard economic times like the one we’re in now, many people are looking at less expensive trailcutters like the Swisher RTB12544 trialcutter. Even though this piece of equipment costs about $1,500, that is relatively inexpensive for the capabilities it has.

Buy Swisher RTB12544 44-Inch 12.5 HP Trailcutter

Like many other trailcutters, the Swisher RTB12544 is attached to an ATV, lawn tractor, or some other kind of vehicle to pull it. You do not directly drive this machine, but instead sit on top of your utility vehicle and drag it along with you. The hitch can be rotated to be to the left, right, or directly behind your machine. This is for preference as well as those times when you have a small area to squeeze through.

The specs of this trailcutter are fairly standard. It is 44 inches wide with a 12.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. It is able to cut most wood-like materials up to 1.5 inches thick. This is idea for clearing out saplings and small trees and plants. The construction is a reinforced steel to help the machine survive against hours of tough trail blazing. The protects the two heavy-duty swinging blades that are used to do all of the cutting. These blades have a locking brake for safety in case they come across they aren’t able to mow down.

The Swisher RTB12544 product specializes in saving lots of time with mowing large fields or meadows with grass or plants up to 6 inches tall. This is most useful for landscaping companies, but many people buy this cutter for personal use as well.

Here are a few examples of reviews found on Amazon.com concerning the Swisher RTB12544 Trailcutter:
“Easy to attach to tractor…Powerful…Separation from propulsion helps with heavy growth…. Grass can cause the mower to choke and stall more than brush…Hard to pull start… Noisy” – Roskomd, Ohio

“I am satisfied with the HP of the deck and its ability to demolish the medium sized yucca’s” –Anonymous

“I have had this mower for two years, pushing it past its design point and have been very happy with the results” –Barry, NC

“Overall this is an excellent product.” Larry, CA

“Belt disintegrates if you bog down and don’t turn the blades off.” –Rick, MT

Overall, most people had good things to say about this trailcutter, although several people had problems with the belt. A few people did find that by adjusting the tension, they were able to easily fix the belt problems they were having.

Some people also noted that this machine worked better in the brush than for cutting large amounts of grass. This is normal because the blades are more heavy duty than a normal lawnmower, meaning they are generally thicker and after growing through brush can be less sharp.

Overall, this is a great trailcutter. If you decide to purchase this Swisher trailcutter, you may want to consider buying it online. Generally prices will be cheaper, as online stores don’t have the same overhead costs as a retail store does. Good luck, and enjoy your Swisher RTB12544 trailcutter.

We recommend buying through Amazon (link below). They have the best prices online and will deliver anywhere.

Buy Swisher RTB12544 44-Inch 12.5 HP Trailcutter

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Swisher Trailmower – Making Big Work Feel Small

Here’s what a T-44 Trail Mower looks like when it’s running but not being pulled.

Buy the Swisher RTB12544 44-Inch 12.5 HP Trailcutter through Amazon

Note that this is the 44″ version which is the skinniest pull-along version they manufacture. They also have a 52″ model, a 60″ one and – for the brave – a 66 inch trail mower.

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